Reiki, I Will Always Love You

Reiki Healing

I first heard of Reiki when I was in my mid-twenties. My favorite physician from my college days and a friend in my local community both told me they had learned Reiki and were practicing it. 

I remember not understanding what it was and being a little confused when they told me about it. And, to be honest, when my local friend told me about how amazing it was, I was more than a little skeptical and thought it was weird and couldn’t possibly heal in the incredible ways she was describing. 

Fast forward a decade, and I had my own out-of-this-world amazing spontaneous and very miraculous healing experience, which I wrote about in an earlier post titled How I Came to Be a Healer. Once I accepted that what I was feeling in my hands might be healing energy, I started to look for a healing modality to study.

Since this whole world of energy and spiritual healing was new to me, I had no idea what my options were. But I was paying attention to the signs the Universe was sending me, and one day, as I was driving, I saw a car to my right that had a Reiki bumper sticker on it.

I remember feeling a spark of excitement and curiosity. I did not remember at the time that I had heard of Reiki before, so I bought a book and searched for Reiki classes to learn about it. 

I took my first class in February 2011 and fell totally, madly, deeply in love! I absolutely loved the simplicity, gentleness, and beauty of the healing energy. It felt AMAZING…so incredibly relaxing, calming, and uplifting.

I then shared it with as many friends as were willing to come over and try something new. It was so much fun! And their feedback about how magical and good it felt was so exciting. I was completely hooked and took more classes and became a Reiki Master Teacher.

I have now been sharing the beauty, power, and magic of Reiki for 8 years. I cannot express what a blessing it is to share this healing goodness with clients during individual healing session, my monthly healing circle, and my annual Reiki classes.

In a subsequent post, I will share a couple of stories of the transformation I have personally experienced as a result of doing Reiki on myself. One story will talk about how Reiki helped me after the brakes on my car failed and I had to drive into a concrete block to get it to stop. In the other, I will share about how Reiki helped me heal a very old childhood wound. 

For now, I want to leave you with this super short and sweet video that I absolutely love! It was taken over a year ago after a Reiki class and shows the natural joy and delight Reiki brings out in us. If you have any interest in learning more about Reiki, you can learn about the benefits of Reiki and the classes I’ll be teaching this year at this link. Big hugs and blessings to you.