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The Winter Solstice is a beautiful time of transition that has been celebrated since ancient times with festivals and fire ceremonies.

Join me for a healing, rejuvenating ceremony to mark this special time of the year. Evening will include a guided visualization/reflection and a fire ceremony to release what no longer serves and set new intentions.

This is an excellent way to reset/recharge your energies and welcome in the new energies, blessings, and vitality you want to experience in the coming season and year.

The Solstice Celebration will take place 5:30pm - 8:30pm on Friday, December 21st

Tickets are $20 and are available online until 12pm on Friday the 21st.

Location: The ceremony will be held at Shamanic Soul Center.

You will receive an email with all relevant logistical details about the ceremony/celebration the evening before the event. Email or call 858-444-7993 with any question.

Tickets are $20 until 5pm Thursday, Dec 20th. Fire ceremony will be at Shamanic Soul Center.

**** **** Ideas for Celebrating at Home **** ****

If you are not in the San Diego area or cannot make it on Friday, you can have a simple fire ceremony at home. This does not have to be anything fancy or complicated. 

You can simply light a candle and sit in quiet contemplation for a few minutes. Think about the blessings the past year brought and give thanks to Spirit. Think about the challenges you experienced and reflect on what you learned from them. 

You can then write down what you wish to release and let go of. This can be energies, patterns, emotions, ideas, situations that no longer serve you. On a separate sheet, you can think about what you would want to welcome in their place and set new intentions for 2019.

Then, you can burn the list of things you wish to release in a fireplace if you have one or by safely lighting the paper over the kitchen sink and letting it burn. 

You can bless your new intentions by holding the paper to your heart and visualizing their full manifestation and giving thanks for the new visions and dreams you are ready to welcome into your life.

Close the ceremony by giving thanks to all the spirit and physical beings who support and accompany you on your journey and gently blow out the candle. Always be sure to be good to yourself and take time to honor all the goodness in your life.

Big hugs and love to you,