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Are you an educator experiencing the demands and stresses of the beginning of the school year?

Treat yourself to a wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating energy healing session. Release any stressful/chaotic energies you've picked up, release emotional pressures/blocks, and give your body the energetic boost it needs to feel its very best.

Having worked as a teacher for nine years, I know first-hand the demands and stresses the beginning of the school year can place on one's body, mind and spirit. And having worked with amazingly talented and sincere educators in my healing practice during the last six years, I have grown to love supporting teachers to bring greater joy, peace, and balance to their lives.

Educators are some of my favorite individuals to work with because they love to learn and grow. I feel them to be kindred spirits, and I love to assist them on their journeys to great healing and empowerment. It's truly a blessing and joy to support the beautiful souls teaching and nurturing the minds and spirits of our children and youth.

Therefore, I am offering $80 Gift Certificates to the first 5 educators who sign up to experience the beauty, magic and power of sacred healing energy during this month. With the gift certificate, your initial healing session will be $115 instead of the standard $195. 

This is a wonderful opportunity, so don't delay. Claim your gift certificate today! Purchase your session by clicking on the button below and you will be contacted to schedule an appointment. Or call Shamanic Soul Center at 858-444-7993 or email info@shamanicsoulcenter.com to book your session.

To learn more about this healing way, check out the Services page of our website or read the Yelp reviews of this healing work. 

Thank you for the beautiful work you do! You are a blessing to the world. 

With love, gratitude and blessings,