Intro to Shamanic Wisdom

Participate in these empowering, experiential classes and begin using shamanic principles to live life with greater purpose, power and presence. Learn to connect to your true self, begin working with your allies, heal relationship wounds, and empower yourself to live life with greater joy and freedom. Begins Oct 1st.


Supercharge Your Goals and Dreams

Learn simple yet powerful techniques and gain unparalleled support in achieving your visions and dreams. Eliminate any fear-based emotional blocks, gain powerful skills to cut through insecurities, and learn time-tested shamanic principles to bring your visions to reality. Begins Jan 2017.

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Reiki Classes

Learn to channel gentle yet powerful Reiki healing energy. Receive your Reiki Level I, II, Advanced and/or Mastery attunements. Establish a solid personal Reiki practice to enhance your own well-being. Gain the tools and skills you need to channel Reiki energy for the well-being of others.


Awaken the Phenomenal Woman in You

A unique Women's Shamanic Coaching Program that integrates elements of transformative healing, ancient shamanic wisdom and modern coaching practices to provide the selected group of participants the very best resources and support to help them unleash the phenomenal woman within.