The Power & Benefits of Ceremony

Do you ever feel uninspired? Like life is happening, but there isn’t much that excites you? Maybe you even feel lost, stuck, or have the feeling of just going through the motions of living without a great deal of joy. 

If you do, you’re certainly not alone. Many people feel quite uninspired and disconnected or even disenchanted with life. One of the reasons I think this happens is that we so easily lose touch with our hearts, our spirits, and the sacred magic of life.

We can get easily bogged down by the day to day demands of life and lose that sense of wonder and awe at the magnificence that is life and creation. Our spirits get depleted and we can experience a great deal of dis-ease in our hearts, minds, and bodies.

One very powerful and effective way to nourish our spirits and get re-inspired is through engagement in sacred ceremony. 

Ceremonies do not have to be big, elaborate, religious affairs. We can create simple, powerful, personal ceremonies that we do on our own. Or we can participate in larger gatherings of individuals from all walks of life coming together to commemorate a special occasion or event.

I recently had the great blessing of facilitating a ceremony honoring the Autumn Equinox. It was a beautiful, uplifting, healing get-together of people of all backgrounds and beliefs. 

The evening included a guided healing visualization journey, a walking meditation, and a ceremony of gratitude that incorporated offerings to the Earth and setting of new intentions for ourselves. It was a beautiful gathering and you can hear from a few of the participants what they gained from the evening:

Fortunately, I have the great blessing of participating in these types of ceremonies regularly, and I am always in awe of the powerful benefits being in sacred space provides. For me, ceremony is really about opening my heart and connecting with the divine/sacred beauty and energy of life. 

Engaging in this way is healing on many levels. It fills our hearts, renews our spirits, relaxes our bodies, and allows us to rest our minds. Participating in ceremony nourishes our spirits and gives us renewed energy to move forward feeling more centered and grounded in our personal truth.

We can create big ceremonies of celebration to mark life events, ceremonies to honor times of transition, ceremonies of healing, and ceremonies of blessing a space. Or we can simply light a candle and create a personal ceremony of healing, release, blessing, etc.

The point is to take a little time out to honor the sacred magic that exists in each of us and in all of life. In this way, we open ourselves up to the connection that feeds our hearts and nourishes our souls. All of life is a sacred ceremony, and when we connect to and live by this truth, we live inspired lives—every day.

If you are in the San Diego area and would like to participate in our Winter Solstice Ceremony, mark your calendar for December 21st and get more information on the event here. And if you would like any assistance or support in creating a ceremony for a special occasion, feel free to email me at

Energetic Clearing of Your Space


In the previous post, Spring Cleaning and Clearing, I encouraged you to do some decluttering and beautifying of your space and offered suggestions on how to go about doing this. I hope you enjoyed the process and are ready to take it up a notch by doing energetic clearing of your space! 

This is a simple and powerful process that should have your space feeling lighter, filled with positive energy, more expansive and generally more enjoyable/comfortable for you to be in. The basic idea is to clear out energies of a lower frequency (what we often think of as "negative" energies) and bring in energies of a much higher frequency (what people might call "good" or "positive" energies). 

So if you're ready, here are 7 simple steps for how you can do an energetic space clearing:

1) Gather or acquire the items you will need/want. The basic items you will want are: a candle, sage stick (or palo santo/cedar), lighter, an abalone shell (or smudge clay bowl/plate), flower essence water or essential oil spray (rose water spray, for example). You can also have other items, such as a smokey quartz, or black tourmaline crystal, a turkey feather, or anything else sacred to you that you'd like to enhance the process with. The basic items can be ordered online, purchased at a metaphysical shop or at some health food stores.

1) Begin by treating the clearing as a ceremony or important ritual for which you set a good intention and ask Spirit and you allies/guides to assist you. While the basic idea is to release lower frequency energies and replace them with higher frequency energies, having a more personalized intention can be helpful. You might want to think about what you want to feel in your space, how you want it to support you, any energies associated with specific situations that you may want to have healed and released. 

2) Prepare yourself and your space. Choose a central location in your home to place your items. You can see this space as a protective altar that will support you with the process. Make sure to open windows for air flow and to allow what is released to travel out. I also move things a little if they are blocking a corner or electrical socket because you want to be sure to get those areas. Speak a prayer and/or your intention and allow yourself to settle into a calm, relaxed state free of other concerns and fully present for the clearing process. Light the candle.

3) Light the sage stick. Once you light it, let it burn for a few seconds before gently blowing out the flame, and if needed, repeat the process a few times to have a solid stream of smoke flowing. At this point, you may want to smudge yourself by simply wafting the smoke around your body with your hand or a feather before beginning to clear your space.

4) Walk throughout your space with the burning sage gently directing the smoke all around the perimeter, center, ceiling, and floor of each room. You can do this by using a feather or just moving your sage stick as needed. You'll want to pay close attention to corners where energy can get trapped, electrical sockets, and the plumbing system. Be sure to have your shell or smudge bowl to catch any little pieces of sage that fall off to prevent burns of anything they might land on. Take your time in moving from room to room and notice the change in how each area feels as you clear it. 

5) After you finish clearing your space, you will want to welcome in energies of a higher frequency. You can use this by using a flower essence water or essential oil spray. Simply hold the spray and recall your intention of the energies you want to welcome in, and follow the same path you did with the previous step and spray the flower essence on each area. As you do so, feel energies of a higher frequency coming in and filling your space.

6) Once you finish welcoming in the new energies, do another walkabout around your space. This time, allow your heart to open with appreciation and gratitude for your space and the process. Set anything you had moved earlier back in place and close windows if the air feels clear of smoke or wait a little while if that feels best.

7) Lastly, go back to the center of your space where you placed the candle. Take a few moments to give thanks for the assistance you received from Spirit, your allies/guides and the items you used; give thanks for the beauty of your space and the support/shelter it provides you. Trusting that your intention is manifesting, blow out the candle.

When you are finished, you should feel good. You will, hopefully, feel a lightness to the energy in your space. Give yourself a pat on the back and celebrate your success in doing an energetic clearing of your space. If any emotions came up for you during the process, be with them and allow them to flow. When we clear out energies, sometimes emotions that were within us come to the surface to also be released. Trust the process and be gentle with yourself.

If you want to clear your space but would prefer to have it professionally done, contact me at or 858-444-7993. Mention the April/May Spring Clearing Promotion to receive 15% savings off of the standard charge. 

Thank you for your interest in and support of this healing way. If you have any friends or family who would enjoy/appreciate this post, please share it with them. Big hugs and blessings to you all. :)