3 New Year’s Gifts for YOU!

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Dear Friends, 


I have eagerly been anticipating the arrival of 2019 for a few months now. 
It's going to be a powerful year with incredible opportunities for making quantum leaps forward in living the life your heart dreams of and for co-creating magic and miracles with Spirit.

To honor this beautiful time and to thank you for being part of Shamanic Soul Center's tribe, I am delighted to share these Gifts of Spiritual Light with you.

Gift 1 is free access to this month's Shamanism, Spirituality, and Energy Medicines Class happening
JANUARY 1ST at 6pm - 7:30pm.

Please use the link http://bit.ly/JoinParminder to join the class via Zoom.

During the class, I will share some fun and inspiring insights/tips for how you can make the most of 2019. I will then teach you how to work with Rays of Spiritual Light to more easily Manifest what you wish to experience in your life. I recommend having a notebook handy, being in a place you won't be disturbed, andconnecting 5-10 mins before class starts to allow for technology synchronization. 


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I know it can be so easy for us to get distracted by life happenings and find ourselves feeling off center, ungrounded, and uneasy.

Working with guided meditation and visualization can be a wonderful way to both prevent veering off course and to assist us in getting back on track when needed.

Gift 2 is a Healing and Empowering Meditation that will be perfect for you to use during these Winter months. I will be recording this and hope to have it out to you in the next couple of weeks. There is nothing for you to do except look out for the email, receive and enjoy it. :)

(If you are not already on Shamanic Soul Center’s email list, you can email me your name and I’d be happy to welcome you to our beautiful Transformation Tribe.)


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Gift 3 is free access to this month's Healing Circle. 

I have been enjoying facilitating the Monthly Reset, Recharge, Realign Healing Circle and have been humbled by how powerful the participants are finding it. 

It has been such a blessing to have the opportunity to share sacred healing space in this magical way. 
In this month's circle, I will focus on working with Rays of Spiritual Light to provide you with a beautiful, heart-opening, spirit-nourishing healing experience.

We gather together for the Circle by phone. Please mark your calendar now to save the date, and look out for the email I will send before the Circle with instructions on how you can join us. 

Tuesday, January 15th 6pm - 7pm

(If you are not already on Shamanic Soul Center’s email list, you can email me your name and I’d be happy to welcome you to our beautiful Transformation Tribe.)


Spread the Blessings:

Friends, one of my goals this year is to share the beauty and blessings of this Healing Way with more souls who would benefit from and enjoy it. 

I would love your help with that, so if you know any individuals or groups who might be interested in these beautiful tools and blessings, please share this information with them. Thank you!